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Re: (TV) Lanier demos

    And to add to Philip's response here's this.    

    I know a guy who was fortunate enough to hear the 8 different
versions leading up to Bob dylan's classic "Like A Rolling Stone". Which,
if you have the "Bootleg Series" issued by Columbia(not the bootleg) it
started out as a 3/4 waltz type of tune. Including the 6 other tracks in
between it was the last and final take that Dylan and his band nailed it
as the classic that we all know and love. I'm not so sure I'd want to hear
the other versions. It's interesting to hear the first take to see where
it landed though. Another case in point is the eraly Velvet Underground reel
is the first CD in the "Peel Slowly & See". How many of you who own it 
will realistically listen to those lame versions of what was it "Heroin,
Waiting For
The Man, and was it Venus N' Furs"? They're really dull. Yes I have to admit
that when I initially heard about it I thought it was pretty amazing that
was unleashing this upon the fans. After one listen all the way through I
knew that
I wouldn't be listening to these version again for a very long time. 5 years
and I still haven't listened again. Some things just ain't worth hearing.
I'd give anything for those other remaining demos. Even the Eno demos of
do not compare to what we love or at least what I love about the band.
There's no
edge, it's all bottom end. Marquee Moon is one of those records that has to
listened in headphones to truly appreciate and understand what the band went
through to get those guitar sounds. All those doubled guitar parts to get
ringing sound are sometimes split into two channels, then pulled one guitar
and bring it back it. It's really a complex recording and mixing technique.
Two songs that really benefit fom this are "Venus and Prove it"
True the songs have to be good to begin with but this was and in my opinion
still is the ultimate guitar LP without being ostentatious. If you've never
listened to the LP in headphones you're in for a real treat. Focus on the
guitars first, then later the whole band as a unit. It's incredible. I
if Tom gave it that much thought when he was putting it together. I'm
again, thanks all. M T C
>From: "Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com>
>To: tv@obbard.com
>Subject: Re: (TV) Lanier demos
>Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2000, 1:48 PM

>To follow Mike's "Maybe for a good reason" up, just because it's "unreleased"
>doesn't necessarily mean it's good. Unreleased material tends to become
>undeservedly legendary. There are a handful of bands where almost every
>unreleased track turns out to be pretty amazing - even the VU's dregs are
>pretty solid, for example - but a lot of stuff is unreleased for a good reason.
>Example: When I was in high school, I collected and avidly listened to
>unreleased John Lennon and Beatle outtakes/demos/etc. Re-hearing some of them
>with the mystique of 'bootleg' removed - on the three ANTHOLOGY releases or the
>new Lennon box - I am amazed an how un-amazing most of it is. There are a few
>great gems, to be sure - mostly demos of later famous tracks - and plenty of
>curiousities, but I think the Beatles were almost 99.999% right about what they
>chose to release and what they kept in the can. Even Phil Spector's work on LET
>IT BE was pretty impressive, given the incredibly mixed quality of the Beatles'
>sessions leading up to it (not now, "Long and Winding Road" lovers).
>The same goes for Hendrix, of course, as we've discussed on this list before,
>and plenty of other defunct acts...
>Unreleased stuff that is unknown until it finally gets released also tends to
>sound better than legendary-but-unheard stuff that finally gets released -
>pre-hype inevitably clouds our expectations and makes the music seem less
>--- MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
>> I know of no one who's eer heard them. There are some amazing tape traders
>> out there
>> and even they do not have them. Maybe for a good reason.M T C
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