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RE: (TV) Re: Winter Hours

it's a weird place...haven't been back in almost 6 years (been out on the
west coast: seattle & portland)...i don't really know...it's like the whole
area (buffalo included) is in a kind of limbo (6 hours away from nyc, not
really new england, certainly not midwest)...i hated it when i lived there
(spent nearly 30 years of my life in & around)...now i miss it (tho not too
keen on going back to live anytime soon).
from what i recall, you guys played in a small niteclub (schnozz's maybe),
which was more of an urban yuppie hangout than genuine "rock" club...you
came about a  year too late to play scorgie's, the one "legendary" punk/rock
club rochester's ever really known (christ, i saw everybody from the dream
syndicate on their 1st tour to the bangles (in 85) to let's active to nick
lowe & elvis costello getting drunk & feeling up drunken overweight

Eric S. Gregory
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    Yeah it was '86 I believe. I actually have a tape of that show.
We didn't play Rochester too often. It's a long trek. I remember we
were trying to figure out what was wrong with some of the people there.
They seemed to be a bit crazed. maybe you can explain. The DJ from the
local college station said it was something in the drinking water.
What do you think? M T C
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>Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2000, 2:07 PM

>i actually saw you guys around 85/86...i think it was in rochester, ny (my
>hometown)...everything i ever read mentioned REM...have to say i didn't see
>it beyond the obvious kinda folkrock references....
>Eric S. Gregory
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>    Sad to say I have no extra copies of any of the records. With the
>exzception of a few of the indi records most are out of print. I believe
>CD now has the "Wait Till The Morning" CD produced by Bongos founder 
>Rob Norris(also a post-Lou Velvets alumni). Our Chrysalis Record I believe
>was our best but unfortunately like most new bands we were a tax write off
>right from the start. Not too mention that our manager and A&R rep were
>pals and probably struck up a deal so that they'd both make money. I know
>I probably sound like Tom here, but I really believe this. When the record
>was finished we never saw our A&R guy again. He was useless anyway, but
>we needed him to go to bat for us and he didn't. Anyway, our last 3 LP's
>from # 8, to #6 to # 4 in the Rolling Stone alternative charts. The
>were anywhere from Television to Richard Thompson to the Moody Blues and of
>course for those lame-ass critics who couldn't think for themselves R.E.M..
>really use to piss me off. Almost every band that had 2 guitar players in
>early to late 80's automatically sounded like R.E.M. I once complained to
>Stipe about this who always defended us in the press. He thought it was
>that no just Winter Hours but Miracle Legion, O-Positive, Dreams So real,
>even later Rain Parade records all were compared to REM. Stipe did what he
>but the critics were just not all that creative. Nowawdays it seems most
>get compared to Pavement. Oh Lester Bangs where is thy soul? You'd think
>this guy
>would've made more of an impression on rock critics, apparently not.
>probably went on far too long here. But I always get a bit riled up when I
>of all the work that we put into the indi thing which took us 6 long years
>to get
>ourselves onto the Rolling Stone top 10 and in less than 6 months Chrysalis
>tore it all down. There are at least 100 stories like this from college
>in the 80's. So if you're on an indi label, stay there. There's nothing the
>can do for you now that you can't do yourself. Thanks all, M T C
>>From: serovner@mindspring.com
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>>Subject: (TV) Re: Winter Hours
>>Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2000, 10:08 AM
>>I seem to recall that the Winter Hours albums received favorable reviews
>>the press, but for some reason I never picked them up.  I also never 
>>realized that you were in the band.  If I had, I would have bought 
>>truckloads of them!  How can we folks on the list get a listen to the 
>>material?  Got any extra copies laying around?  
>>tv@obbard.com wrote:
>>>     My band Winter Hours was fortunate enough to do a one month
>>tour across the USA with Translator back in 1988. They were the
>>most inspirational band we ever opened for. Eery night was different.
>>The guitar playing between the two Steve and Bob was fabulous. If they
>>locked in, there was nothing finer. They has one song that Bob wrote that
>>was my favorite "Lazurus". It was breath taking. There is the perfect case
>>of a band that tried to do what they wanted after having a AOR hit and the
>>label 415/CBS squashed them like mosquitos. Each new LP sold less then the
>>one before until they broke up in 1989 which was great for Winter Hours
>>because we were able to recruit Dave Sheff(Translators drummer) and with
>>Kaye and Chrysalis Records, make the finest record of our career. Dave was
>>brilliant and powerful. He was totally in tune to his surroundings. Even
>>I was saddened by the bands break up. There weren't many bands like them
>>Guitar solos(thanks to REM) were pretty much unheard of at that time.
>>Translator were
>>like the Grateful Dead of the Alternative/College Radio scene. I for one
>>miss them.
>>I especially love their last LP which was recorded live in the studio.
>>I once asked Steve barton how the song "Everywhere That I'm Not" came
>>It came
>>to him in a dream He was sleeping and was awoken from his sleep by this
>>dream, picked up
>>his guitar, wrote the song is 10 minutes, recorded it on a casstte player
>>and went back to 
>>bed. Those types of songs are the best when they just come to you and all
>>the pieces
>>just meld together. And a great song that is. I wonder what they're up to
>>I'd heard they were reforming around 1993 or '94 but that was it. Haven't
>>anything since. Too bad. I may have a soundboard tape or two around of
>>anyone's interested. It may take a while to locte them but it would be
>>effort. Bye, M T C 
>>>From: jpg@sirius.com
>>>To: tv@obbard.com
>>>Subject: Re: (TV) Mr. Obbard wrote:
>>>Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2000, 9:33 PM
>>>How about another very good unnoticed band: Translator.
>>>They came out about the same time as REM , but suffered from being in San

>>>Francisco in
>>>the '80s. Steve Barton, their chief song writer had a fabulous way with
>words and
>>>Any comments?
>>>> >Just discovered
>>>> >"Another Girl, Another Planet"
>>>> >>>
>>>> >
>>>> >Now you need to discover the band; The Only Ones are something special
>>>> >
>>>> >    Now there's a band that went completely unnoticed. It's a damn
>shame too.
>>>> These guys had it all. In their short lived career they made 3
>>>> LP's
>>>> and a handful of singles. One single that brings tears to my eyes is
>>>> single
>>>> with Peter Perrett and Pauline Murray doing the song "Fools". What a
>>>> song.
>>>> Their last LP "Baby's Got A Gun" went straight to the toilet the week
>>>> released. There were more promos around then stock copies. Too bad
>>>> was their
>>>> finest LP to date. Then there were the "Even Serpents Shine" and the
>>>> the
>>>> latter with Another Girl, Another Planet which has some of the finest
>>>> changes known to man. Peter Perrett was/is one of Rock & Roll's
>>>> unsung
>>>> heroes. When the Only One's appeared at max's kansas City around the
>time of
>>>> their 3rd album there might've been 30 people in the audience. What a
>>>> shame.
>>>> As far as I know there K only releases of their 3 official LP's plus a
>>>> fabulous
>>>> live album. For anyone whoever cared about good, understated guitar
>>>> this
>>>> is your band. Thanks, M T C
>>>> >
>>>> >BTW, upon repeated listenings to "Other Voices" (the new Patti Smith 
>>>song with Tom
>>>> on lead guitar), it has to be one of Tom's most un-inspired moments. As
>>>> mentioned
>>>> earlier, if I didn't know that it was Tom Id've never guessed it. It
>>>> well
>>>> have been Oliver or Lenny playing the solo. I pains me to say this.
>>>> this,
>>>> the song is one of Patti's finest in many years.
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> >
>>>> >
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