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Re: (TV) Conversation starter (off topic)

Towards the end of 1999 there was a big national poll in the uk called
something like 'The nations favourits lyric'. Almost inevitably Imagine was
1st and the majority of the top 50  was very safe and, with anything like
this, a fair bit of recent stuff was in there eg Robbie Williams with abou 2

However there was one entry that stood out and nearly kicked you in the
teeth it was so surprising.....................That entry??

Beware of the flowers cos I'm sure they're gonna get you yeah!  Brilliant. I
bet an Otway list got together and organised this.

Nick  ps Otway/Barrett played onOld Grey Whistle Test at the time of the
first album. Barrett had one small amplifier. It packed up half way through
a song and they just walked off. They were great.
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> From: Jeremy Smith
> > Around the PC...
> > John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett  - first 2 albums - Why John Otway was
> > never a star stills beats me.
> I knew someone besides me had these LPs!  I bought the first mailorder
> the UK, after reading about it in ..some mag..Trouser Press, most likely.
> figured if Townshend was involved with some 'nobody' it must be someone
> worth hearing.   Loved it! and 'Cheryl's Coming Home' started research
> the Blues Project, and others in 'that scene'...and 'Louisa on a
> Horse'!..well, listmembers,  you have to hear it,  it defies adequate
> description. Second LP has no standout in my memory..I have to go dig them
> out.
> I remember hearing a live Otway solo record a few years later, and kept
> wondering "where's Wild Willy?"
> just a spotter on the track,
>  - H.
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