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Re: (TV) Conversation starter (off topic)

From: Jeremy Smith
> Around the PC...
> John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett  - first 2 albums - Why John Otway was
> never a star stills beats me.

I knew someone besides me had these LPs!  I bought the first mailorder from
the UK, after reading about it in ..some mag..Trouser Press, most likely.  I
figured if Townshend was involved with some 'nobody' it must be someone
worth hearing.   Loved it! and 'Cheryl's Coming Home' started research into
the Blues Project, and others in 'that scene'...and 'Louisa on a
Horse'!..well, listmembers,  you have to hear it,  it defies adequate
description. Second LP has no standout in my memory..I have to go dig them

I remember hearing a live Otway solo record a few years later, and kept
wondering "where's Wild Willy?"

just a spotter on the track,
 - H.

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