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Re: (TV) favorite covers

OwenGwilliam@cs.com wrote:
> How about Frank's version of "Stairway To Heaven"? Right when the big guitar 
> solo is s'posed to come in, and you figure FZ is just going to annihilate the 
> original, lo and behold, the BRASS SECTION takes the solo in unison, matching 
> the original.
> Well done *AND* funny.


Whipping Post kills me, though, because it's a straight-ahead reading
with FZ and the boys doing a killer job on it.  Why no gags?

Previously in Helsinki, some drunken fan was calling out for "Whipping
Post."  (No one's really sure why - few people have ever mistaken FZ
for either of the Allman Bros.)  Frank seemed like he was going to play
it, but instead did "Montana" with a lot of "Whipping Post" references.
That show then became part of the "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore"
series (I think it was Vol. 2.)

So here comes FZ on the next tour, and as an encore, they do Whipping Post!
Pretty damn funny, but great in its own right.

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