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(TV) Better late than never, the NUGGETS set

Hi all,

Here is the setlist from the NUGGETS show at the Bottom Line last Friday night.
The show was divided into two sets, but they seemed to be mixing from set one
and set two (perhaps they stuck to it for the 7:30 show, but not for the 10:30
show), so my running order won't be perfect, as I'm taking it straight from the
program (except in one or two cases).

There was a house band who backed almost all of the acts, consisting of:
Andy York - Guitar
Andy Burton - Keyboards, musical director
Kris Woolsey - Guitar
Tony Shanahan - Bass guitar
Rich Pagano - Drums
Paul Sher - Sax
Tish & Snooky - Backing Vocals (on-stage for about six songs, each time in
different 60s outfits)
George Usher - Backing Vocals
Owen Comasky - Backing Vocals

Set one:
"Night Time" - performed by Owen Comasky, owner of Arlene's Grocery(?)
"Liar Liar" - performed by Debby Schwartz
"Pushin' Too Hard" - performed by Scott Kempner, of the
Dictators/Del-Lords/Little Kings
"Incense and Peppermints" - Green Rooftops (local band)
"We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet" - Ricky Byrd, and special guest whose name isn't in
the program, but who was an original member of the Blue Magoos, who recorded
the version of this track on NUGGETS
"Groovie" -- Trippi Longfellow and Molly the Dolly. Called "the great lost
Nugget, discovered in time for the show", I think this track was made up by the
band, but it was a riot - great performance in full 60s gear.
"Wooly Bully" - Tish & Snooky
"Let's Talk About Girls" - Tom Clark (Lenny Kaye is producing his new album)
"It's Cold Outside" - George Usher
"Little Bit of Soul" - Andy Burton
"Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In)" - Josh Tyler
"Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl" - Pristeens (local band)
"Lies" - Rich Pagano
"I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" - Andy York. This might have showed up in
the second set.
"Dirty Water" - Tony Shanahan. Also in the second set?
"Nobody But Me" - Carlton Smith. Actually, this wound-up at the end of the
second set.
"You Must be a Witch" - Lenny Kaye. This was not on the setlist.

Set two:
"Open Your Door" - Willie Nile
"Outside Chance" - Fountains of Wayne. Actually, I don't think the whole band
showed, but they still did the track.
"Fight Fire" - Richard X. Heyman. I still think Lou Reed ripped this off for
"White Light / White Heat".
"Hey Joe" - Erin O'Hara
"Crazy Like a Fox" - Link Cromwell (aka Lenny Kaye). Not on the NUGGETS box,
it's Kaye's own single from the 60s.
"Respect" - Joy Askew. Actually, this was done in the first set.
"I Need You" - Richard Lloyd - the one no-show!! He was at the 7:30 show, but
did not stick around for the 10:30 show, so we didn't see him.
"Psychotic Reaction" - Kris Woolsey
"Invitation to Cry" - Annie Golden, of the Shirts
"Double Shot (of My Baby's Love) - Michael Shelley
"Don't Look Back" - Mychael LaMorte
"I'm Gonna Make You Mine" - Evan Dando (of the Lemonheads), trying to win a
Neil Young-lookalike contest. Actually, this was done in the first set.
"Strychnine" - Joe Hurley. I think this was in the first set, two.

As I said, it was a fantastic show that made me appreciate the NUGGETS stuff
more than ever (including a few I had never really listened to before). The
band was tight, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun... I'll
definitely be at the next AND THE BEAT GOES ON.


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