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(TV) "Punk, "the video

Over the weekend, I saw a video called Punk, which features many important English/Irish punk bands from the 70's, plus Joy Division and Iggy Pop (?).  It is essentially a video of the bands doing well known songs in a live format.  well, i had never laid eyes on Joy Division before and I have to say Ian Curtis was a class act Dork!  I'm not sure what he was doing up there, but he manifested  the epitome of what is known as "Whiteman's disease"--not an ounce of rhythm.  I certainly would not have picked him out of a lineup.  Did he hang himself over a girl?  Also, it's a damn shame that no one had the foresight to film the american punk bands so there would be a similar video in existence.  By the way, The Jam songs are ferocious and kick ass--they were a great band! Secondly, I saw a DVD of "a night with Lou reed" or something like that w/ Robert Quine on guitar.  It was at the Bottom Line and pretty good, but it seemed like Lou would not let Quine do too may solos as if Lou did not want to be upstaged.  then end of the video features Lou backstage talking like a pompous ass about some great feedback note he hit--you can barely stand it--it's insufferable.  But the worst part of this video is a pair of losers in the front row table who play air guitar and drums throughout the whole set--and you see a lot of them.  It's like they thought they were members of the band--it gives you that same feeling you got when someone would try to make a joke in class followed by total silence--you know you're embarassed for the person although you're not sure why.    I hope that wasn't you Mr. C.
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