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RE: (TV) "Punk, "the video

Ian Curtis was a *good* dancer. How else would you suggest moving to the
music of Joy Division?

btw - he hung himself because his epilepsy was deteriorating. A disease that
freqeuntly manifested itself while he was performing on stage, and goes some
way to explaining why he looked, to you, like a dork.


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Over the weekend, I saw a video called Punk, which features many important
English/Irish punk bands from the 70's, plus Joy Division and Iggy Pop (?).
It is essentially a video of the bands doing well known songs in a live
format.  well, i had never laid eyes on Joy Division before and I have to
say Ian Curtis was a class act Dork!  I'm not sure what he was doing up
there, but he manifested  the epitome of what is known as "Whiteman's
disease"--not an ounce of rhythm.  I certainly would not have picked him out
of a lineup.  Did he hang himself over a girl?  Also, it's a damn shame that
no one had the foresight to film the american punk bands so there would be a
similar video in existence.  By the way, The Jam songs are ferocious and
kick ass--they were a great band! Secondly, I saw a DVD of "a night with Lou
reed" or something like that w/ Robert Quine on guitar.  It was at the
Bottom Line and pretty good, but it seemed like Lou would not let Quine do
too may solos as if Lou !
did not want to be upstaged.  then end of the video features Lou backstage
talking like a pompous ass about some great feedback note he hit--you can
barely stand it--it's insufferable.  But the worst part of this video is a
pair of losers in the front row table who play air guitar and drums
throughout the whole set--and you see a lot of them.  It's like they thought
they were members of the band--it gives you that same feeling you got when
someone would try to make a joke in class followed by total silence--you
know you're embarassed for the person although you're not sure why.    I
hope that wasn't you Mr. C.

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