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Re: (TV) "Punk, "the video

Comment: Secondly, I saw a DVD of "a 
>night with Lou reed" or something like that w/ Robert Quine on guitar.  It 
>was at the Bottom Line and pretty good, but it seemed like Lou would not 
>let Quine do too may solos as if Lou !
>did not want to be upstaged.

Response:Actually, it was Quine who encouraged Lou to do most of the solos.
Before I had
any sort of relationship with Bob, I would stop him on the street and ask
him about
the sessions to which he would reply, "Lou's playing guitar like he's never
before, totally inspirational". He was really excited by it all. I remember
doing alot more soloing than that video would have you believe. I saw 3 of
8 shows. I will never forget them.

 Comment:then end of the video features Lou backstage 
>talking like a pompous ass about some great feedback note he hit--you can 
>barely stand it--it's insufferable.  But the worst part of this video is a 
>pair of losers in the front row table who play air guitar and drums 
>throughout the whole set--and you see a lot of them.  It's like they 
>thought they were members of the band--it gives you that same feeling you 
>got when someone would try to make a joke in class followed by total 
>silence--you know you're embarassed for the person although you're not sure 
>why.    I hope that wasn't you Mr. C.

Response:Actually, the 2 women you saw playing air guitar were notorious Lou
They'd been following him since the early 70's. I would always see them at
shows at the Bottom Line especially. Like myself, they were always there
to get the good seats. They were very funny too. I remember the door man
them for ID to get in and one of them responded by saying "how about if I
down my pants and show you my stretch marks". I'm sure you had to be there,
she didn't miss a beat. Lou shows and fans use to be fun. The last few years
have been disappointing in every capacity for me. I hear his new LP is a
to form. We'll see.M T C

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