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Re: (TV) Blank Generation CD

>here, here Philip, that would indeed be the ideal packaging, with the 
>original sleeve AND original inner sleeve with lyrics and photo collage(with
>photos by Roberta Bayley, among others), which includes  a Berklee School of

>Music ID card of Robert Quine,

    This ID card brings up a good point. Although I have never actually
asked him
myself, I recall Lou Reed doing an interview with Bill Boggs(who would later
the infamous Reed/Quine shows @ the Bottom Line). Boggs asked Lou about
Quine, who
at the time was raving about his the guitarist he could finally play with
since the
V.U. days. I'm getting to it, anyway, Boggs said "Robert Ginsberg, a former
right". I sort of recall Lou saying yes, that's right. But the ID card
disputes that.
I've never been in te frame of mind to ask him true or false. Does anyone
out there
know? M T C

 photos of the Voidoids live and in the
>studio, some early Television and Heartbreakers photos, and the sheet music
>to "All The Way". The alt. version of "Rock & Roll Club" on the reissue is
>cool, but the original is so thoroughly f-ed up and dangerous, it needs to
>be heard at top volume! Same deal with the Sire compilation version of "You
>Gotta Lose". Maybe we can get Rhino handmade to do it, does Richard have any
>say to how it get's reissued? Maybe I should be asking this on the Richard
>Hell forum.
>>From: "Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com>
>>To: tv@obbard.com
>>Subject: Re: (TV) Blank Generation CD
>>Date: Thu, Jan 27, 2000, 3:31 PM
>> As Steve pointed out, I asked this question on richardhell.com. Roy later said
>> (at http://www.hell.hostaxis.com/cgi-bin/showmessage.asp?messageID=333) "The
>> new British re-release of the Blank cd comes out from ESP there at the end of
>> February, but it doesn't look like it differs from the existing American
>> Warners' package."
>> Yeah, I really dislike the cover art (front and back) on the Sire CD reissue.
>> The alternate version of "Down at the Rock 'n' Roll Club" is terrific, but so
>> was the original (and the depth of the rearrangement between the two versions
>> builds my respect for the Voidoids - esp. Hell and Quine - as a musical unit)
>> and replacing the original track is basically revisionism, which drives
>> anal-retentive history majors like me crazy. I first heard BLANK GENERATION on
>> CD 6+ years ago, but only heard the original "Down at the Rock 'n' Roll Club"
>> two months ago!
>> My dream reissue of BLANK GENERATION, a la the Elvis Costello reissues:
>> 1. The 10 original tracks from the 1977 LP
>> 2. Ten seconds of silence
>> 3. "You Gotta Lose" (1977 version from the Sire sampler), "I'm Your Man", "All
>> the Way" (bonus tracks on current CD)
>> 4. Fifteen seconds of silence
>> 5. "Down at the Rock 'n' Roll Club" (alt. version from current CD), "Love
>> in Spurts" (alt. version from Sire sampler), and any other significantly
>> different takes of stuff sitting in the vaults. I think the LP takes of both
>> these tracks are fantastic, but the rearrangements heard here are definitely
>> eye-opening, and arguably just as good.
>> This CD would then cover everything substantial recorded by Richard Hell & the
>> Voidoids during the BLANK GENERATION sessions.
>> Hmmmm. THE BLANK GENERATION SESSIONS - maybe a job for RhinoHandmade.com?
>> --Philip
>> --- MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com> wrote:
>>>     This is interesting because Richard did a lame-ass thing and used an
>>> alternate version of "Rock & Roll Club" and left off the original one that
>>> we all knew and loved leaving us to hold onto our LP's, and not to mention
>>> he
>>> changed the original artwork to an inferior cover. Anyone know which version
>>> this
>>> is? I could care less about the bonus tracks. I'd take the original version
>>> on CD at this point. M T C
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