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(TV) The List and previous threads

Matthew Sweet was a panelist on last night's episode of "The List" on VH-1, 
hosted by Johnny CanIBuyaVowel of Goo Goo Muck or some such band and joined 
by three other panelists I'd never heard of.  The topic:  Greatest Lead 
Sweet's choices:
3) Peter Green
2) James Burton
1) Jimi Hendrix

Fair enough.  But I laid awake last night fantasizing about how much better a 
world this would be if he'd said
3)Robert Quine
2)Tom Verlaine
1) Richard Lloyd

As for other pending matters
1) Ian Curtis was a protean figure in my musical development and I shan't 
hear anything negative about the man.  New Dawn Fades still gives me chills.
2) Good covers?  How about Galaxie 500 - Isn't it a Pity?, Swans-Love Will 
Tear Us Apart; Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower, and possibly my 
all-time favorite:  Replacements - Black Diamond?
3)  Is this beginning to read like a Larry King article?

I think I need more coffee...
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