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Re: (TV) The List and previous threads

--- AndrewMFC@aol.com wrote:
> Fair enough.  But I laid awake last night fantasizing about how much better a
> world this would be if he'd said
> 3)Robert Quine
> 2)Tom Verlaine
> 1) Richard Lloyd

Wouldn't it be nice... I was thinking - even if I became famous, and was
eligible for that show, they would never let me get airtime, because I would
keep naming bands like Television and getting enraged when people named the
Eagles or showed SONG REMAINS THE SAME footage for Led Zeppelin or when someone
named Gloria Gaynor as the greatest disco performer, etc. And my God, just
watch out when they tried to nix my choices for best seventies artists during
the veto round.

> 1) Ian Curtis was a protean figure in my musical development and I shan't 
> hear anything negative about the man.  New Dawn Fades still gives me chills.

Love Joy Division, but only at certain times - at the moment, into 'brighter'
stuff. But I must have played SUBSTANCE and CLOSER thousands of times. I made a
tape combining everything from SUBSTANCE and the studio material from STILL in
chronological order, and almost played it to death during 1995/6. 

The JD box was nicely done. The first two discs each take one of their official
albums and surround them with relevant A- and B-sides from the same period. The
third disc collects demos, outtakes, and live-in-the-studio stuff; the fourth
disc is all live. Like the Polygram VU box, they also kept the running order of
the LPs intact, meaning you could dump duplicates from your collection. (This
would make a great format for a Television box set covering the pre-Elektra and
Elektra periods. There isn't much a-side and b-side stuff, but they could fill
the discs out with live material from each period...)

> 2) Good covers?  How about Galaxie 500 - Isn't it a Pity?

Forgot about this - fantastic.


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