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(TV) Wayne County first at CBGBs?

Howdy folks,

Someone called jimi lalumia has written in my guestbook that Wayne County 
was the first person to play CBGBs.

Does anyone know about this? Here is what he wrote in my guestbook


jimi lalumia - 01/29/00 01:36:37

hate to break the news to you, but wayne(now jayne)county was the first of 
the ny rockers to play cbgb's in dec 73,as detailed in the new patti smith 
unauthorized biography, and verified by hilly krystal himself.telvision 
played in the spring of 74, and revisionist homophobes have tried to 
rewrite history, we have begun to unravel this nasty web/having said all 
that, television is a great band, they don't need to lie and claim an 
accomplishment that is not theirs to claim. wayne county brought ny rock to 
the bowery first, and that's the facts!
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