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Re: (TV) Jayne County first at CBGBs?

Hi y'all
 I should tell you that I know Jimi LaLumia - we are from the same
neighborhood in NY, and one of my 'best friends' was Jimi's 'best friend'
for many years.... I met Wayne and Cherry Vanilla via LaLumia, and got all
the second hand info regarding Max's CBGB's Wayne, Cherry, NY Dolls, etc etc
etc  - you know that 'scene' from LaLumia.  I have even had his mother's
fantastic homemade pizza!!

I would believe anything he says regarding Rock n'Roll, but he is a bit of a
fanatic when it comes to that particular area -the early 70's NY downtown

So, if I have any credability at all - LaLumia is probably right.

RE: Good times and Island Ear - Jimi also led the sometimes amazing
Psychotic Frogs - 'Death to Disco' before anyone else had the same notion,
and they had some wild shows that I barely remember...

 - H.

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