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Re: (TV) more covers...!/MC5!!(

Oops i meant to write"don't start me talking"-( the Sonny Boy Williamson
song covered by the Dolls )-not "Human being" obviously...memory is starting
to go in me ole age!...the Dolls really made this no. their own...however
their take on "Showdown", charming though it is in a white boy shambly kinda
way, is not a patch on the original by Archie Bell and the Drells-a fab
record!...another great cover version i heard again recently is the Faces
doing Macca's "maybe i'm amazed"-the Faces were much under-rated i
think...shame Ron W. got enticed away to join the stones and play second
fiddle / court jester to lord keef of the manor-he was a real talent in his
own right and a good songwriter to boot...

Also i'd like to say how much i love "Back in the USA" too-a damn-near
masterpiece imo- i think BOTH guitarists are/were awesome players and
compliment each other perfectly ...so hey no more dissing Wayne!.....don't
forget the wonderful "High Time" either btw!!!!!
(Finally-the solo on "Looking at you" BURNS!!!!!!!)
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> "Human Being" is a NY Dolls' composition - credited to Johansen/Thunders.
> Hopefully you weren't referring to Guns and Roses' somewhat pointless
> Bowie's "Fill Your Heart" is great, I agree. I recently heard the original
> Biff Rose, which is also quite good. I didn't care much for "Sorrow", but
I am
> one of the few Bowie fans who thought PIN-UPS was quite solid, with the
> exception of one or two tracks ("Sorrow" and "Shapes of Things", mainly).
> Speaking of Bowie, I forgot his B-side cover of "Round and Round", which
is an
> outstanding performance all-around - perhaps the closest he and Mick
> ever got to a 'live' sound in the studio.
> Recently heard the Kinks' demo of "I Go To Sleep" - interesting. I don't
> they did an official studio recording, did they? But no doubt, the
> have a lock on this one.
> --Philip
> --- ray <ray@wavewalker.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> > D.Bowie-Fill your heart/Sorrow/Where have all the good times gone?
> > Pretenders-I go to sleep.
> > NY Dolls-Human Being
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