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Re: (TV) more covers...!

"Human Being" is a NY Dolls' composition - credited to Johansen/Thunders.
Hopefully you weren't referring to Guns and Roses' somewhat pointless cover...!

Bowie's "Fill Your Heart" is great, I agree. I recently heard the original by
Biff Rose, which is also quite good. I didn't care much for "Sorrow", but I am
one of the few Bowie fans who thought PIN-UPS was quite solid, with the
exception of one or two tracks ("Sorrow" and "Shapes of Things", mainly).
Speaking of Bowie, I forgot his B-side cover of "Round and Round", which is an
outstanding performance all-around - perhaps the closest he and Mick Ronson
ever got to a 'live' sound in the studio.

Recently heard the Kinks' demo of "I Go To Sleep" - interesting. I don't think
they did an official studio recording, did they? But no doubt, the Pretenders
have a lock on this one.


--- ray <ray@wavewalker.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> D.Bowie-Fill your heart/Sorrow/Where have all the good times gone?
> Pretenders-I go to sleep.
> NY Dolls-Human Being

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