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Re: (TV) more covers...!

Hi all,
        A bit late i know but couldn't pass on this thread :

Young Gods -September Song/Did you miss me-aka Hello,Hello,I'm back
again-with sampled oboes and full orchestra!-(what a shame that Glitter has
now also tarnished by association one of the finest,most distinctive
producers of the 70's- the late great Mike Leander).
Sex Pistols-Don't give me no lip child
Eddie and the Hot Rods-96 tears/Get outta Denver
Kim Deal/This mortal coil-You and your sister
Sugar minnott-good thing going.
D.Bowie-Fill your heart/Sorrow/Where have all the good times gone?
Dusty springfield-Goin' back
Gladys Knight-Look of love.
Stones-Prodigal son
Pretenders-I go to sleep.
NY Dolls-Human Being
Byrds-Mr.Tambourine Man
Hendrix-All along the watchtower
Nick Cave-Wanted man
Undertones-Let's talk about girls
Love-My little red book

Who can forget also :William Shatner doing Mr.Tambourine Man!!!!!!

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