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Re: (TV) Wayne County first at CBGBs?

    Sounds like this person's a heterophobe. Like anyone cares who the hell
Wayne County is and what he accomplished. Sure they were fun rock and roll,
but there was enough of that goin' on already with the New York Dolls who
did it before and obviously a whole lot better than W/Jayne County. Who
who played CBGB's first? If it's that imporant then we better find out which
"C"ountry, "B"lue"G"rass, and "B"lues bands played there before all the rock
bands got there. All I care about is Television's first appear at CBGB's.
 If the truth be told, Wayne County didn't last at CB's, he ended up
being a Max's act. You couldn't be both, you were either one or the other.
So even though WC may have been the first "Punk" band to play CBGB's, he
stay around long enough to help create the scene that would end up happening
there. He did it at "Max's" as his song well tells the tale. Television
responsibility only for revamping the club soundsystem and stage. There was
no stage until Television came along. Before that, you played at floor level
with the audience. Such pettiness. M T C
>From: Howard Webb <howard@lasercomp.demon.co.uk>
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>Subject: (TV) Wayne County first at CBGBs?
>Date: Sat, Jan 29, 2000, 5:48 PM

>Howdy folks,
>Someone called jimi lalumia has written in my guestbook that Wayne County 
>was the first person to play CBGBs.
>Does anyone know about this? Here is what he wrote in my guestbook
>jimi lalumia - 01/29/00 01:36:37
>hate to break the news to you, but wayne(now jayne)county was the first of 
>the ny rockers to play cbgb's in dec 73,as detailed in the new patti smith 
>unauthorized biography, and verified by hilly krystal himself.telvision 
>played in the spring of 74, and revisionist homophobes have tried to 
>rewrite history, we have begun to unravel this nasty web/having said all 
>that, television is a great band, they don't need to lie and claim an 
>accomplishment that is not theirs to claim. wayne county brought ny rock to 
>the bowery first, and that's the facts!
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