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Re: (TV) Wayne County first at CBGBs?

>I don't know about the accuracy of jimi's statement, but I want to add that
>jimi, I believe is/was a writer/journo for the Island Ear or Good Times paper
>and generally found his viewpoints to be reasonable. I, too, always believed
>that TV, Blondie, Talking Heads, and Ramones were the forerunners of NY punk.
>Never considered Wayne County as part of that group, although they probably 
>were around at the time. Michael C. -- do you know the facts of this 

    See my email sent just a few moments ago concerning W/Jayne County who
never ever a part of the CBGB's "scene". It didn't even play there once the
was built. jeremy is right, Wayne was just average, maybe even below. That's
reason they were destined to play Max's.M T C
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