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Re: (TV) oops--try this

Wow, I actually don't feel a yawning generation chasm like I usually do
when I see these things. I even _know_ some of these guys. (And they are
all guys, aren't they? The more things change....Where's Tara Key?)

Now, some points:

1.I haven't listened to much Dream Theater, but this John Petrucci must be
some hot cat to be both #75 AND #77.
2. This would account for the vast injustice of Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser
falling just short of the Top 100. I would fix that RIGHT away. "#38"
didn't name his new band after a classic Buck showcase tune for nothin'
3. I respect the audacity any listmaker with the cajones to rank Duane
Denison above Keith Richards, even if I don't agree with it.
4. No one should ever assume that Grubbs plays all the cool guitar parts on
the Gastr del Sol records. Live, O'Rourke could smoke him eight rounds out
of ten, and keep the stamina to play a duo set with Fahey afterwards. Yeah,
yeah, Squirrelbait--but just give it to Bob Mould or the guy from Naked
Raygun, that's who they stole it from anyway.
5. The funniest guitar moment I witnessed in the last year was when
Tortoise was Tom Ze's backing band for a tour. One of Ze's songs required
Jeff Parker to play the "Smoke on the Water" riff.
6. The funniest guitar moment I heard about last year but didn't witness
was the whole Royal Trux Japanese tour, in which "#56" was temporarily
replaced by "#57". (The reason for this I was told was that Hagerty
wouldn't fly.)
7. Is Lee Ranaldo THAT noticeably greater than Thurston Moore?
8. I think Ira Kaplan belongs on this list much more than on the 'greatest
male singers' one.
9. MIA: Richard Thompson, Ron Asheton/James WIlliamson, Fred 'Sonic'
Smith/Wayne Kramer, Johnny Thunders (!!), Richard Lloyd, Tony Iommi (not a
great fast player or an especially tasteful, soulful, or clever one--but
what a SOUND!), Rick Rizzo, Neil Young, Zoot Horn Rollo, Dr. Know, D.Boon,
yadda yadda yadda. Can't please everybody, I know.
10. Craig Chaquico??!????

(Note: I am not taking any of this very seriously. Listmaking is an odd
compulsion, and the drive to respond to it even stranger. At least this one
is good'n'quirky and probably not the result of a guitar-geek magazine
committee meeting.)


>Greatest rock guitarists of all times
>                                TM, *, Copyright * 1999 Piero Scaruffi
>1.Jimi Hendrix    2.Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)    3.Robert Quine
>4.Robert Fripp (King Crimson)    5.Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard)    6.Joe
>Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress)    7.Keith Richards (Rolling
>Stones)    8.Chuck Berry    9.Link Wray    10.Steve Cropper (Mar Keys)
>11.Duane Allman (Allman Brothers)    12.Doug Martsch (Built To Spill)
>13.Nicky Skopelitis    14.Sandy Bull    15.Tom Verlaine (Television)
>16.Buckethead    17.Nels Cline (Geraldine Fibbers)    18.Steve Vai
>19.Joe Satriani    20.Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet)    21.Peter Green
>(Fleetwood Mac)    22.Mike Mcready (Pearl Jam)    23.Helios Creed (Chrome)
>24.Greg Ginn (Black Flag)    25.Navarro (Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili
>Peppers)    26.Blixa Bargeld (Einsturzende Neubaten)    27.Jody Harris
>(Raybeats)    28.Eric Clapton (Cream)    29.Eddie VanHalen (Van Halen)
>30.Jeff Beck (Yardbirds)    31.Duan Eddy    3!
>2.Steve Morse    33.Hank Marvin (Shadows)    34.Jerry Garcia (Grateful
>Dead)    35.Kirk Hammet (Metallica)    36.Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)
>37.Dave Pajo (Slint, For Carnation, Tortoise, Aerial M)    38.Karl Precoda
>(Dream Syndicate)    39.Peter Buck (REM)    40.Page Hamilton (Band Of
>Susans, Helmet)    41.John Petkovic (Death Of Samantha, Cobra Verde)
>42.Mick Jones (Clash)    43.Kim Thayil (Soundgarden)    44.Jeff Parker
>(Tortoise)    45.Ian Williams (Don Caballero, Storm & Stress)    46.Roy
>Montgomery    47.Slash (Guns And Roses)    48.The Edge (U2)    49.Yngwie
>Malmsteen    50.Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)    51.Andy Summers (Police)
>52.John Strohm (Blake Babies)    53.Carl Hultgren (Windy & Carl)
>54.Andy Hawkins (Blind Idiot God)    55.Norman Westberg (Swans)    56.Neil
>Hagerty (Royal Trux)    57.Alan Licht (Run On)    58.Arto Lindsay
>(Ambitious Lovers)    59.Lowell George (Little Feat)    60.Sterling
>Morrison (Velvet Underground)    61.Fred Frith (Henry Cow)    6!
>2.Peter Laughner (Pere Ubu)    63.Dave Alvin (Blasters)    64.Adri
>Bait, Bastro, Gastr Del Sol)    66.Craig Chaquico (Starship)    67.Neal
>Schon (Journey)    68.Jeff Healey    69.Robin Trower    70.Brian McMahan
>(Squirrel Bait, Slint)    71.Thurstone Moore (Sonic Youth)    72.Judah
>Bauer (J. Spencer Blues Explosion)    73.Josh Homme (Kyuss)    74.Justin
>Trosper (Unwound)    75.John Petrucci (Dream Theater)    76.Justin Chearno
>(Unrest, Pitchblende, Rake, Doldrums)    77.John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
>78.Chris Haskett (Rollins Band)    79.Billy Dolan (5ive Style)    80.Roger
>Miller (Mission Of Burma)    81.Gary Chester (Ed Hall)    82.Billy Cote'
>(Madder Rose)    83.Alvin Lee (Ten Years After)    84.Leslie West
>(Mountain)    85.Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine)    86.Stevie Ray Vaughn
>87.Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music)    88.Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)
>89.William Reid (Jesus & Mary Chain)    90.Johnny Marr (Smiths)    91.Thor
>Eisentrager (Cows)    92.Jeff Mueller (Rodan)    93.Brian Setzer (Stray
>Cats)    94.Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam)   !
> 95.David Roback (Rain Parade, Opal, Mazzy Star)    96.David Gilmour (Pink
>Floyd)    97.Midge Ure (Ultravox)    98.Pete Townshend (Who)    99.Ed
>Mundell (Monster Magnet)   100.Joe Walsh   101."Buck Dharma"   102.Ritchie
>Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow)
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