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Re: (TV) There's Nothing Good on TV tomorrow

    When I subjected y'all to my opinion, it was not intended as some might
construe as D I R T. It was malicious fact. Wayne has taken alot of abuse
for his abusive tongue on his defenseless, deceased "brother". Everyone from
former members of the MC5 to fans and everyone in between. He keeps
to apologise to Jackson but to date has not. For the record, when one
Freddie Brooks
confronted Wayne and reminded him that Patti did once put "Free Wayne
Kramer" on
her Radio Ethiopia LP, Wayne retorted with "It was Lenny Kaye who had that
there". Guess what, it's Patti's LP, she could've easily said no way, but
No matter how you slice it, it stinks and I'd like to put this baby to rest
Thanks to all for letting me vent my anger, to those who were offended, my
apologies. M T C

>Well said.
>So how about more dirt?
>Michael Olcsvary wrote:
>> ...just wanted to remind those in the NYC area about Bibi Farber's gig
>> Friday, 9pm at Brownie's on formerly scary Avenue A.  I'm supposed to
>> handle the CD sales, so if you don't have one yet, here's your golden
>> opportunity to buy one and flame me in person!  Don't pass this up,
>> MBAs!  Regarding Mr. Carlucci's posts re: Kramer/Smith - hey, I enjoy
>> seeing someone stand up for someone/thing else they believe has been
>> unfairly maligned.  Maybe he could have phrased it better ( at least
>> he edited out the cusswords ), but he's got a valid point.  While all
>> of us on this list agree on one thing - Television was/is brilliant -
>> I would rather see a diversity of opinion and a measure of passion
>> rather than just safe, politically correct discussion.  If we don't
>> allow these divergent opinions, no matter how they're put, we ain't
>> gonna learn nothing, and one of things I treasure about these posts is
>> the diversity of opinion, the exposure to the new ( who cares if it's
>> 10 years old?  Any book you haven't read is a new book ) and of
>> course, the relentless Eagles bashing.Best,Michael
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