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Re: (TV) Good guitarists, bad bands

    Sam Wrote: 

>In an idle moment last night, a thought struck me: most of the musicians I
>like or admire also played in bands I like and played good material; in other
>words, the music would have been good even without the guitar heroics.
>Verlaine, Quine, etc. being obvious examples. However, there are some
>guitarists in awful or mediocre bands I nevertheless can't help liking as
>guitarists. The weirdest example is Mark Knopfler -- I loathe Dire Straits
>with a passion, and think he's both a terrible songwriter and an awful singer.
>But I do think he's a good guitarist, and not just technically -- I like what
>he plays too... it makes me wonder how closely guitar-playing skill is related
>to general musical tastefulness.
>And what about Slash from Guns'n'Roses? He really lifted some of their
>material above the bog-standard heavy metal it would have been with most HM
>I suppose one might even make a case for that guy out of the Eagles :-)

    Jeff Beck is the perfect example of this. He plays/writes the worst
of songs/music. But each LP from the Yardbirds "For Your Love" up to his
Techno drenched LP has always dazzled me with the and inventive ways he can
play the guitar. Over the years I've learned how to tune out the music and
in on the guitar playing. It's not easy to do, but once you learn, you can
still appreciate those you love. Pete Townshend once said of Beck, "he's one
Rock's most expressive guitarist's, problem is he has nothing to express.
so true. However, he refuses to rest on his laurels like his peers Jimmy
Eric Clapton, and yes, even Ritchie Blackmore. M T C
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