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(TV) Hey! A 'new' Television bootleg CD!

I just spotted a 'new' Television bootleg CD this afternoon, entitled PORTABLE
ELECTRICITY. The cover appears to be professionally printed, and although I did
not see the CD, I am assuming it's a CD and not a CD-R. 

The contents, unfortunately, look like a repeat of the LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO
and LIVE ADVENTURES discs: the "Old Waldorf" FM broadcast from the Summer of
1978. As a bonus, the 12" version (full length) of "Little Johnny Jewel" is

I didn't buy the disc (yet), but my assumption is that it's the same recording
quality - FM, but obviously not first generation from the radio, and with a gap
in "Marquee Moon" (where, I believe, the original taper probably flipped the
cassette, since it occurs about 45 minutes into the broadcast) - as LIVE

The cover artwork: the front cover shows a drawing of a Television, with a
photo of TV live c. 78 inside. I've seen the photo before, but can't place it
right now. The reverse side of the cover has a close-up color photo of
Verlaine's face that I have never seen before. The back case photo is taken
*directly* from the Ork "Little Johnny Jewel" 12" single, and I say 'directly'
because I even recognize the imperfection that seems to mar every copy of that
sleeve I've ever seen: a small, quarter-inch physical white 'gash' just to the
right of Tom's eyes. Odd. (Trivia: This shot was part of a set of photos
intended but unused for ADVENTURE. They were taken at the corner of St. Mark's
Place and 1st Avenue in Manhattan).

Now, the stranger thing is... at this point in time, how can a Television
bootleg suddenly appear on the market and no-one on this list had any inkling
of it before it appeared?? Has anyone else seen/heard this disc?


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