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Re: (TV) Garage Rock

The 13th Floor Elevators were a fantastic band. More than a garage rock band
really -- they had a beautifully worked out and completely incomprehensible
philosophy, which found its way into most of their lyrics. Their first album
is good, but 'Easter Everywhere', their second, is simply amazing. 'Bull Of
The Woods' is extraordinary too, though not so well rounded. Avoid the
official 'Live' album, though, which is not a live album at all, just a load
of dodgy out-takes and B-sides with the same piece of applause stuck between
each song.
I've not heard the other albums on CD, but I'm very disappointed with the CD
version of 'Psychedelic Sounds'. It's a long time since I've heard it from
vinyl, but something seems to have gone badly wrong in the transfer.
There's a good compilation of Seeds tracks around (I can't remember what it's
called, but it has the word 'Hoodoo' in it) which has a lot of excellent
tracks on, but I've never really felt the urge to get more of their stuff.
We got sent a few garage-rock compilation CDs at work, and there was some cool
stuff on them, but I can't remember very much about it. I wish I could recall
the name of the band who did the amazing 'Drano In My Veins'. That was what
garage rock was all about.
There's a two-album-on-one-CD reissue of 'The Parable Of Arable Land' and 'God
Bless' by The Red Crayola about as well, which represents pretty much the
extreme of garage. It's not worth paying a lot of money for, but it is
entertaining in small doses.
A good site on psychedelia and garage rock is http://www.delerium.co.uk/intro/home.html

Per Klingberg wrote:
> I've been interested in getting some garage rock
> records for a long time now, but I simply haven't got
> the time. I read an excellent article in the swedish
> music magazine pop (pop is probably the best music
> webzine I've ever read: the journalists obviously
> loved music more than anything else, and were always
> so eunthuastic about the bands they wrote about) about
> garage rock, and really got interested. They listed
> some essential garage rock bands and I got really,
> really interested in bands like The Seeds, 13th Floor
> Elevators and The Electric Prunes. I intended to get
> 'Nuggets' but I don't have the money at the
> moment...:( I got 13th Floor Elevators first record
> though and I think it's pretty good...anybody who
> knows of any good garage rock bands to check out or
> any good compilations a 16-year old should be able to
> afford? :)
> > Something we have not talked much about.  One of my
> > favorite 60's records is the Rising Storm record:
> > "Calm befoe the."  There are other recommended
> > records/compilations that I have yet to purchase by
> > bands like The Lemon Drops, Zakary Thaks and We the
> > People.  Any thoughts on these bands or the garage
> > rock genre in general?  Clearly, TV was inspired by
> > the garage rock spirit.
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