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Re: (TV) Garage Rock

Sam Inglis wrote: I wish I could recall

> the name of the band who did the amazing 'Drano In My Veins'. That was what
> garage rock was all about.

Drano... was the 1st 45 of the great Clevo group The Polystyrene Jass Band (Circus
Highlights was the flip). This was by the original incarnation of the band with Tony Fier
on drums. Fun fact: Tony was my boss at Record Rensezvous in Clevo (the Terminal Tower
branch) - I was replacing & was trained by Tim Wright, who was leaving Clevo to join DNA.
The other employee there was Scott Krauss,Pere Ubu's drummer. Scott had quit Ubu, Tony had
joined, then Scott decided he wanted back in, which forced Tony out of the band without
having done anything with them (which is why the 12" Datapanik was dedicated to him). It
was just after Tony was forced out that I was working at the 'Vous. Tony did everything he
could to make Scott's life misereable!
     As far as the Elevators CDs, what I've heard is that International Artists owner Lelan
Rodgers (brother of Kenny), wanted some astronomical amount of money for the master tapes.
As a result, NO Elevators CDs were taken from tape - they had to be mastered from clean
vinyl. Bull of the Woods, like Live, is also a postumous LP with very little Roky Erickson
& overdubbed horns, but it does have the Roky classic May The Circle Remain Unbroken.

Gary Mollica

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