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(TV) Richard Hell "Another World" EP

    Good Morning Y'all,

    I just received a notice from my UK distributor that Overground has
for supposedly, the last time a CDS & 7" EP of R. Hell & Voidoids
ORK Records EP "Another World". Both formats are in limited quantities of
each. I've ordered a handful. If any of you thinks you'll be wanting to get
please contact me off the list and I'll give you the details. I should have
them by
this Saturday, no later than this Monday.

    In case any of you are wondering, the tracks include: "Blank
Generation", "You
Gotta Lose", and "Another World". The 2 tracks that you might be familiar
from the Blank Generation LP are nowhere near the same versions. They were
recorded specifically for this EP almost a year earlier. 

    The Blank Generation & Beyond Festival starts tonight ! ! ! M T C
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