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Re: (TV) Please Kill Me. No, not me. The Book.

What is the title of the legit Sylvain release? I'll definitely buy it-i
have the earlier bootleg version of this on tape and i love it to bits even
though the bass playing is disastrous...btw anyone know who did the original
version of 7 day weekend?-good tune-the Dolls always had great taste in

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From: MICHAEL CARLUCCI <subterraneannyc@mindspring.com>

  Marty Thau was
> then and still is a sleaze. He's figured out 3 different ways to package
> and repackage "Songs Of The Naked City" and still not pay the artists.
> He's such a pig. He more recently tried to put out the NY Dolls "7 Day
> Weekend"
> CD/LP. Initially was a bootleg. Then Sylvain took that CD and made into a
> legit CD.

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