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(TV) Junkies as such

    I don't recall who wrote about junkies being useless and why would
want to talk to or listen to a bunch of junkies. I can give you 4 good
1. Bob Dylan on Blonde On Blonde LP
2. The Beatles(Lennon) on The White Album LP
3. The Stones(Keith) -Let it Bleed thru Exile On Main St. LP's
4. Velvet Underground(Lou Reed)- V. U. & Nico LP

    Not to mention Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, and The Ramones. Then in
literary field we have Jack Kerouac, Jim Carroll, Hunter S. Thompson, Allen
Ginsberg, and of course who could forget William Burroughs.

    With a roster like this I'm ready to take a snort myself. Actually,
junkies are like
most other people. They're your next door neighbor, your local taxi driver,
drivers, lawyers, doctors, etc. etc. They come in all guises. What makes an
record collector or gambler or television junkie any better than a person
does heroin? So long as the heroin addict isn't stealing from me, killing
people,  or hurting anyone else who cares. Does drinking alcohol(an
addictive drug)
sound better? Hardly. I'd rather talk with a junky any day over an
alcoholic, though
I sympathize with them both. Neither one really wants to be where they are.
once you're in it, it ain't easy to get out of. It eases the pain of perhaps
a gruelling
world, hectic lifestyle, the pressures of Wall Street. Pay a visit to an A A
and just listen in, you just might learn something. Doctors prescribe
billions of dollars
in drugs every year. But because it's a doctor who's doling out the pills
it's okay. BULL!
It ain't okay. That's what killed Elvis. He took pills to wake up from being
to hung
over from pills that put him to sleep. Every day was a vicious cycle. He
never saw
himself as a drug addict. He saw the Beatles and the Stones as drug addicts
who were
corrupting the American child's fragile eggshell mind. Here was Elvis fat
and bloated
with his eyes at half mast talking to President Nixon about the evils of
drugs, yet he
never even thought for a moment that he was a drug addict himself.

    Anyway, I've known a few junkies in my day and I just have to say, don't
them until you've been there. They've been places you can only dream about
most have no regrets even after they've cleaned up. Thank goodness for
like Keith Richards who's allowed people to live vicariously through him
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