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(TV) Tom Verlaine : Music For Film dates (Madison, Minneapolis, Richmond)

Just got this from Tim Lanza:

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Subject:	Tom Verlaine : Music For Film dates (Madison, Minneapolis, Richmond)

Three more confirmed dates for the Tom Verlaine: Music for Film program.  
This show combines the projection of 7 short classic silent avant garde films 
with Verlaine and Jimmy Rip playing Verlaine's newly composed scores in 

    March 30 - Madison Film Festival, Madison, WI
                    Headliner for the opening day for the Festival

    April 1 - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

    April 16 - James River Festival of The Moving Image, Richmond, VA

The program previously played Brooklyn (St. Ann's), Columbus (Wexner Center) 
and Portland, OR (P.I.C.A.) and has been written up in The Village Voice, New 
York Times, Time Out NY, Wall Street Journal, Columbus Dispatch, and the Brit 
mag The Wire.  NPR's Rick Karr also did a nice interview piece for All Things 

More info?  contact me.
Tim Lanza
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