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Re: (TV) Please Kill Me. No, not me. The Book.

Although I read FROM THE VELVETS TO THE VOIDOIDS back in 1993, I didn't get
around to reading PLEASE KILL ME until this past summer. Richard Lloyd not only
gets 'loving' treatment, but the author is definitely a big Richard Hell fan as
well. Both 'Richards' get plenty of good lines, too. On the other hand,
Verlaine only appears in other peoples' recollections, and he doesn't come
across well.

I think my favorite parts are the late 60s stuff dealing with the Stooges and
the MC5 - the book gets more depressing later on and I had a tougher time
wading through it.

My biggest problem with people telling their own stories is that I suspect
there's a fair amount of exaggeration going on - managers like Marty Thau and
Terry Ork keep talking as if they were as wise and honest as Brian Epstein.


--- Eric Veillette <eric@home-sick.org> wrote:
> In fact, Richard pointed out to me that he's one of the only ones in the
> book who  isn't bashed =)

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