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Re: (TV) Record junkies

>My belated contribution to the garage rock discussion, check out the Moving
>Sidewalk's single, "99th Floor"/"What Are You Gonna Do". Billy Gibbons
>(later of ZZ Top) 60's band, Texas compatriots to the 13th Floor Elevators
>(along with the Lavender Hour - later became the Clique, who have a great
>track, "I've Got A Way With Girls.)  Great psychedelic guitar pop. The
>Sidewalks toured with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Hendrix touted Billy
>Gibbons as one of his favorite new players! The Shadows of Knight's "I'm
>Gonna Make You Mine" is as dangerous a song as you were likely to hear in
>66-67, I suppose, like hearing The Stooges doing "I Got A Right" 8 years
>early. How must this have sounded next to Jan & Dean? Pretty cool, actually.
>The Choir, from Cleveland (later most of the Raspberries) are another
>amazing band I can't recommend too highly. "It's Cold Outside" is a great
>track, very Byrds/Beatles like. The B-side, "I'm Going Home" is a raunchy
>track that would not have been too out of place on "12 x 5" (that's the US
>version of the Stone's 2nd LP to all of our mates in the UK). The Turtles,
>maybe our version of the Zombies (OK, maybe not that great), did a great
>garage song, "Outside Chance" (also covered by Detroit garage band, Sounds
>Like Us, whose was first, anybody?) which was penned by then burgeoning
>songwriter, Warren Zevon! Also a great band from that era, and from Jersey
>no less, was Richard & The Young Lion's, who did 2 monster songs, "Open Up
>Your Door" and "You Can Make It". Incredible, rocking, fuzz-toned, melodic
>Phil Spector-like gems. Get 'em. Most of this stuff is on the Nuggets box
>set. Too many great bands to mention, and they have all the relevance in the
>world in a discussion group centered around Television.
    If the truth be told. When Tom decided to unload some of his unwanted
there were about 7 or 8 volumes of Pebbles LP's. For those of you not
with Pebbles, it's an off shoot of say Nuggets though quasi-legit. If some
of you
are royalty conscious you may want to check out Tim Warren's Crypt Records
>From The Grave". Tim is one of those obsessed garage rock "Junkies" who came
a little bit of money. He would seek out all of these wonderful garage bands
regardless of where they lived, let's say Athens, Ohio find one or all of
bandmates, get all sorts of info, photos, and yes perhaps the original
tape of some obscure $300.00 single, pay the band it's up front royalty
come back to NYC, make the LP and then start all over again. All the while
paying the bands their royalties for record sales. Back From The Grave has
be one of the best garage rock series ever for many many reasons. Anyway,
I originally wanted to say was that the influence that the garage rock had
Television is quite obvious with their obscure covers like "Fire Engine" or
"Psychotic Reaction", and even "Milk Cow Blues". M T C

BTW, I'm happy to hear that you liked Slow Dazzle Scott. I knew you'd love
the Grape.
Now you should get Grape '69 which I'm currently out of but their song
"Truck Drivin'
Man" is as good as anything they've ever done.
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