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Re: (TV) My "Meet Theresa Stern" review

Philip Wrote:
>Hell was on hand to introduce the two films, which he started by saying to the
>effect of, "I want to disassociate myself from both of these movies"
>(paraphrased). He talked about how he and Verlaine came up with the Theresa
>Stern character and read a few poems from their book, "Wanna Go Out?"; he then
>explained how the film came into existence, noting that all that was ever
>finished was a 20 minute excerpt, which turned out "more like a student film, I
>guess". He then talked about how he got mixed up with Ulli Lommel, thinking
>Ulli Lommel was the great filmmaker behind "The Tenderness of Wolves", and only
>later realizing what a mess the film "Blank Generation" was becoming.

    Hell claims to have written "Lowest Common Dominator" about Lommel. He
once said
that the guy was a complete tyrant, a megalomaniac who ruined the film. I've
seen it, but Philip's description certainly sounds like what Hell was
Are the Voidoids tracks complete or parts of the songs? With Ivan Julian or
Was Hell playing bass or just singing? M T C
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