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Re: (TV) Cale

Philip wrote:
>> Of Troy but Helen Of Troy's best moments, Engine...Close Watch...Cable
>> are some of Cale's finest songs to me.
>> Annie wrote:

>Um, it's "Rogue".

    Um, it's Cable Hogue

    I think Cale is just tired of doing these songs for 25 years. He's
anonces that he's retiring from Rock & Roll only to come back and do
"Fragments Of
A Rainy Season". In the 70's Cale would do those very same songs with so
much venom
it was frightening. Especially a song like "Leaving Up To You" you could
tremble where
you stood just watching and listening to him. I agree, he's a bit bored on
with the exception of say "Hallelujah" which was new for him.M T C

 And I've never heard it, but I've heard the songs on
>Fragments Of A Rainy Season... am impressed. I think his songs are better done
>in the studio though. I think Fear is one of his best albums [I haven't heard
>all of them, mind you.] and the songs when presented on Rainy Season didn't
>impress me at all, I guess those studio touches are what they need... mind
>you, I like the songs on Rainy Season now, just had to hear them in another
>Anyone like Vintage Violence? I seem to be the only one, but "Ghost Story",
>"Gideon's Bible", and "Bring It On Up" are some of the greatest songs on
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