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(TV) Re: Eno / Cale

Well, to straddle the fence a bit, it's not perfect, and I do have trouble
listening to the whole thing in a single sitting (listening?). And a few tracks
don't go over well - "Empty Frame" (despite having the meaning behind the
lyrics explained to me, being very impressed, and promptly forgetting what it
was all about), "Footsteps", "Crime in the Desert", and not really being able
to stand "Been There, Done That".

But, if a VU fan disliked it, I imagine they would dislike Cale's PARIS 1919,


--- Emilie Hsu <ehsu@mindspring.com> wrote:
> How interesting!  I (and some of my VU/Cale- loving friends) hate "Wrong Way
> Up."  But otherwise, Cale is a personal favorite as well, my favorite album
> would still be "Vintage Violence."

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