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Re: (TV) Junkies: and the demented genius Arthur Lee

hi All, 
The only time I met Arthur Lee in person was at a rehearsal studio in of all 
places (HOBOKEN) @ 3:30 in the morning while I picked up copies of a newly 
pressed single that my band was having released. Arthur scared me for sure. 
He was wild. The next time I had an incident with Arthur was when my band 
Wild Carnation was to open 2 sold out shows at The Bottom Line in NYC. Arthur 
called my home to tell his manager that he was insulted at the airport by THE 
MAN and wouldn't board the flight to NYC. Can you believe that. He hadn't a 
pot to piss in or a window to throw it out, 60 bucks in his pocket (this 
after mazzy star made him a bunch of money) and he walked away from a PAID 
FLIGHT to NYC for these two sold out shows. Needless to say Arthur canceled 
and WILD CARNATION got to do the shows solo. Allan Pepper tried to get the 
FAKE (LOVE ) band to perform the shows without Arthur but they knew it would 
have been suicide. But (we) Wild Carnation got to have the band name in HUGE 
lights and all. Michael Carlucci told me a story of that night, as he walked 
past The Bottom Line wondering if it was the same WILD CARNATION. It surely 
was. We played the 1st show to about 30 people and the 2nd show to about 15. 
But Allan Pepper paid us in full. Great guy! And now where is Arthur? In the 
penitentiary of course serving his time on Gun Charges.  

Chris O'Donovan
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