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(TV) Re: The wayward genius of Arthur Lee......

I know everyone always believes Arthur to be a right ole paranoid fruitcake
and he has certainly played up to it on far too numerous occasions to
mention in the past but let me just say for the record that when Wavewalkers
supported him here in London in '96 he was in completely charming form and
as far removed from his wierd-beard legend as could possibly be.
He looked ten years younger than his true age, was relaxed and seemed
genuinely at ease with himself and his surroundings.Speaking to members of
the young uns who made up his backing band (Baby Lemonade)the general
consensus seemed to be that he had finally once more gotten his act together
properly.That was borne out at the gig that night where he and the band put
on a fantastic show and blew the place apart.

On stage Arthur looked like he was enjoying every second and egged on by an
adoring crowd sang his heart out ; remarkably his voice has worn incredibly
well over the years which makes it all the more tragic that on his return to
the US he was then put away on a misdemeanour -ironically for something he
was actually innocent of for once- he's still in prison today as I write.

Earlier in the day he had explained to me how humbled he felt that the music
of Love was still so very much appreciated and revered,especially in the UK,
30 years on...I saw little of the arrogant and embittered character beloved
of journalists eager to perpetrate the Arthur Lee myth (though i know he's
no angel)...and felt priviledged to be able to shake the hand of someone
whose music has touched me so deeply over the years and continues to give me
so much pleasure.

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> hi All,
> The only time I met Arthur Lee in person was at a rehearsal studio in of
> places (HOBOKEN) @ 3:30 in the morning .Arthur scared me for sure.
> He was wild.

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