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Re: (TV) Junkies: and the demented genius Arthur Lee

hi all, 
my story was not to criticize people with substance abuse problems. Although 
with Arthur, that's what his problem was. But as Michael stated, there are 
many many people out there that are functioning addicts. Not to say it's 
right or wrong. In my opinion, to each his/her own. I have a cousin that's a 
true junkie. Stole from his parents....the whole horrific usual story. And my 
dad, well he's an alcoholic, hasn't had a drink in some 30 years but 
sometimes I wish he did since the abuse (verbal that is) continues to this 
day.  He's a miserable person most of the time. But on the other hand I have 
friends that are functioning, very well.  They cope in their own way and the 
person that goes to the bar at 12:00 noon and downs 2~3 pints because it's 
well, OK since it's noontime does it his/her way. We all have vices.
drink to me, drink to my friends, ya know I can't drink anymore......

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