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Re: (TV) Re: The wayward genius of Arthur Lee......

In a message dated 02/23/2000 8:59:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
ray@wavewalker.freeserve.co.uk writes:

 which makes it all the more tragic that on his return to
 the US he was then put away on a misdemeanour -ironically for something he
 was actually innocent of for once- he's still in prison today as I write. >>

 Arthur was an abusive person (domestic abuse) with a real substance abuse 
problem. Waving a gun at your neighbor is no way to act. He is guilty. 
Granted he shouldn't be in jail for all this time. But it wasn't his 1st bout 
with the law. He should have learned. If it wasn't for Mark Linn of Delmore 
Records Arthur would have still been in the gutter.  Mark should write the 
True Arthur Lee story. 
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