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Re: (TV) Re: The wayward genius of Arthur Lee......

I hear what you're saying about his past record but i'm sure that i have
read in more than one place that the person waving the gun this time round
,or whatever offence he was convicted of, was not actually Arthur
himself-are you 100%?Apologies if I'm wrong on this....also I'd like to hear
what your friend Mark has to say about his experiences with AL. Cheers...R.

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>  Arthur was an abusive person (domestic abuse) with a real substance abuse
> problem. Waving a gun at your neighbor is no way to act. He is guilty.
> Granted he shouldn't be in jail for all this time. But it wasn't his 1st
> with the law. He should have learned. If it wasn't for Mark Linn of
> Records Arthur would have still been in the gutter.  Mark should write the
> True Arthur Lee story.

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