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Re: (TV) Grammys

Good point-but again we are talking (ultra-conservative)
Grammys here-so no.1-the record had to sell(I think it topped the charts?)

"Supernatural" is no groundbreaker-just a good album-but compared to some of
the previous "Albums of the Year"(Grammys)+ Carlos's prior achievements -In
that context I thought It was well deserved


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Date: Thursday, February 24, 2000 10:02 PM
Subject: Re: (TV) Grammys

>That's funny, because I had the opposite reaction. Santana's album is fine,
>the single is *great*, but it hardly seems like Grammy material. It's
>the same sound he had trademarked in 1971, but with a current popular
>providing vocals. As many people have pointed out before me: it might as
>be a Matchbox 20 song with Santana on guitar.
>My girlfriend always reminds me why the Grammies exist: they were created
>honor 'real' music when rock 'n' roll was first getting big (1956), which
>why you didn't see Elvis Presely or the Beatles or ABBA or REM winning many
>any) Grammies during their heydays (but, correct me if I'm wrong). The
>rarely honor the innovative; they tend to honor the established. Santana's
>comeback is well-deserved, but it's as if someone remade a great seventies
>(e.g., "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", "The Godfather", "The Sting",
>etc.) and stocked it with popular young actors and actress, sex scenes, and
>hits in order to bolster popular appeal, and it cleaned-up at Oscar time.
>And Phil Collins Tarzan tune beat Aimee Mann? Huh?
>I'm glad to see Santana getting recognized, but I can't accept that his new
>is in any way the equivalent of THRILLER (with which it tied), much less
any of
>the more interesting albums released this year.
>--- maxbiz <maxbiz@email.msn.com> wrote:
>> Anyone watch the Grammys?
>> This is the first time I can remember "Album of the year"
>> being an album I actually enjoyed !
>> Congrats to Santana-well deserved
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