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Re: (TV) Arthur Lee

Just catching up on a week or so of TV e-mail. Interesting Arthur/druggie
thread. Arthur has always been a total fave of mine - hell, I even used to
have Reel To Real where he was doing things like covering Be Thankful For What
You Got, & the, though not as good as the stuff with the originall band, I
LOVE Love Four Sail, which isn't on CD. BTW, did you know that Neil Young was
involved in the early Love LPs during his "leave" from Buffalo Springfield?
   Got to see Arthur about 10 years ago or so at Universal Ampitheater. It was
billed as Return To The Summer Of Love. Great show with the original (except
for singer) Big Brother, the 1st appearance in decades with the original
Seeds, with Mars Bonfire playing bass. There was an opening 60s cover band
which got to be the "bands" Music Machine (fronted by Sean Bonniwell) & Love.
  When arthurly came out, he was babbling, talking to himself, the band looked
scared. . When he opened his mouth, it was the voice of an angel. Back to
babbling, back to singing. A very interesting set.
    As far as the drug/alcohol thread, it's scary. I'm an RN who spent 12
years working in locked psychiatric hospital wards & current am a
nurse/counselor at an Addiction Medicine clinic. It IS a disease, same as any
other. You treat it as a disease, not as a behavior-modification problem. As
the Doc in charge says, telling an addict not to have a drink (or a hit, etc)
& expecting him to coply is like telling someone who is epilectic not to have
a seizure. The problem is genetic & treatable, but like diabetes (which the
latest research shows is VERY similar to in the way the brain works) can only
be kept in remission.

Gary Mollica

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