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Re: (TV) music365

My favorite part:

Q: "You'd known Tom Verlaine since childhood in Wilmington (Delaware). When you
were picked up by the police for burning a field, Tom said it was to keep warm
but you said it was just to watch it burn. Does that reflect a fundamental
difference in both your personalities and subsequent career paths?"

A: "Well, the guy who made that story up must have really wanted to create that
impression. I mean, that story is true up to the quotations, I mean, who was
supposed to be asking us why we started the fire? I guess we could have said
that years later in some interview, but I can't really remember, but it
definitely didn't happen in Alabama. We started that fire and I've never really
contested that story because, what the hell, why would I?" 


--- secretX@webtv.net wrote:
> New Richard Hell interview:
> > http://www.music365.co.uk/autocontent/feature_025874.htm

"It's amazing how our industry is strewn with beautiful, dead technology and bitter engineers." --M. Huyck
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