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Re: (TV) "Blue Mask" / VU box demo disc

"Philip P. Obbard" <pobbard@yahoo.com> wrote:
> As for me, I tend to lean on discs 4 and 5 of the VU box - the "closet" mix of
> the 3rd LP plus the VU-era stuff ("Foggy Notion", etc.), and "restored" version
> of LOADED with the LOADED-era outtakes.

This was the high point of the box set, IMO.  Being able to hear the
uncut version of Rock and Roll and Sweet Jane were well worth the price
of admission.  I'd always though the cut in R&R to the sweetest 2-bar
guitar solo in the world sounded odd, then I heard the full thing.  I
have no idea what the insane producer thought he was doing by cutting
out the strumming before it, or the "wine and roses" bit from Sweet Jane,
but in each case the song was the worse for the meddling.

As to the first disk, I feel too much the voyeur listening to tapes
that were simply practice sessions, never meant for distribution.
Musicians should be able to make their flubs and build their ideas
in private.  I'd be mortified if any of the practice tapes I made
20 years ago ever surfaced!

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