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Re: (TV) Blue Mask, the Velvets

Yeah, I too love the version of "Ocean" that appears on the Polygram box (and
on disc 1 of the FULLY LOADED set) - the final version the VU cut, I believe. 

I also dig the LOADED-era "Ride into the Sun", which adds the extra coda (the
"it's hard to the live in the city" piece), and, I suspect, was meant as a
thematic counterpoint to "Train Round the Bend", which works along similar
themes of the city vs. the country.

Funny, when they 'restored' LOADED, they didn't correct a number of other
things Lou Reed has always said were "wrong" with the album: e.g., the guitar
solo on "Train Round the Bend", and more importantly, the LP's running order,
which Reed claims should have been dramatically different, with various songs
"answering" other songs.


P.S. Luna does a *great* cover of the VU-era version of "Ride into the Sun"
(e.g., with vocals, but without the "city" coda) on their SLIDE EP. Worth the
price of the EP.

--- SCOTT ALDRICH <scott.aldrich@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> I started listening to Blue Mask after all the discussion, and I like Bob
> Quine and Lou's work, but Fernando Saunders bass playing sounds a bit too
> Jaco-funky for my taste. Kind of ruins it for me. I thought it would be
> White Light/White Heat revisited, which in a way the Voidoids is. Does Live
> In Italy have this feel as well? Speaking of the Velvets I'm listening to
> "Hey Mr. Rain" right now. This is the Velvets sound Yo La Tengo goes for in
> my opinion. Lou and Sterling's almost country/R & B feel of the 3rd record
> and Loaded (i.e. "What Goes On", "Beginning To See The Light") against John
> Cale's psychedelic howling viola. Masterful pop. On the question of "Ocean",
> I was introduced to it through 1969 as a kid, really dug the VU demo version
> (from between the 3rd record and Loaded), but after hearing the fully
> orchestrated version on the box set (and I suppose on Fully Loaded?), that's
> the version that sends shivers down my spine. That as an A-side and "Ride
> Into The Sun" as the flip would have been a psychedelic single to rival
> "Strawberry Fields"/"Penny Lane", the Kinks "Days"/"She's Got Everything" or
> "Wonderboy"/"Polly", or better yet any Dave Davies single from the era. In
> fact "Ride Into The Sun" sounds like a lost George Harrison song from the
> White Album to me! Really. Anyone else?

"It's amazing how our industry is strewn with beautiful, dead technology and bitter engineers." --M. Huyck

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