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Re: (TV) Lou's shoes

I recall a parody called "Take a Walk on the Mild Side" about people going to the mall. "[so and so] is barely seventeen/he's at the Gap, down there buying jeans/copped some pot, whaddya know/took it home, it was oregano./Hey, stupid, take a walk on the mild side.... And the salesgirls go...'not now, honey, I'm on my break.'"

Joe may be amused to know that there was a local radio parody here some years ago, done in full South Side Pittsburgh accent, as "Take a Walk on the Sah(t)h Side": "Goin' t' Mario's for a yard a' beer/Drink it dahn, then head to Station Square/Like to go to Houlihan's, ride the Incline when I can/ I said, hey, babe, take a walk on the Sahth Side/I said, hey, hot babushka mama, take a walk on the Sahth Side..."

To keep this from being completely useless to the world at large, has anyone else seen the lyric sheet for the Japanese pressing of the Banana album? My copy has with some really good Dadaist guesses at the lyrics--in some cases, just as good as the originals, in their own way. "Whoop on me, sir, it spins from my mind" for the "Pardon me, sir" line in "Waiting for the Man." Or "What caused him share the poor girl rag" in "All Tomorrow's Parties." Or "Don't take a walk; you need a square" in "Run Run Run," which also contains the glorious "Margarita Passion, they had to get her fixed." For the record, whoever had to listen to the album to figure the lyrics out gave up for "Black Angel's Death Song."


At 7:02 AM -0800 3/21/00, Philip P. Obbard wrote:
I also remember hearing - once - a parody called "Take a Walk on the Kosher
Side", sung by a Rabbi (or someone proclaiming to be a Rabbi).

Maurice Rickard
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