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(TV) Rock & Roll Animal Remastered w/Bonus Cuts!

    The Cd is in and it sounds amazing. Everything is so clear and Lou
sounds as Vicious as ever. I see now why they didn't use the bonus tracks,
or maybe I don't. In thinking about the two tracks "How Do You Think It
Feels"( with it's Lou's best Long Island "Shaddup" to an audience member)
and "Caroline Says"(pt.1) they both might be suffering from poor mixing. You
can tell that they're bonus cuts. They just do not fit in as well. And
they're right in the middle of the disc. I cannot recall the person who did
the mixing on those tracks but he clearly didn't absorb the original LP's
tracks. They wouldn't fit well on "Lou Reed Live". The energy is there but
the LP just doesn't flow like it did. Perhaps it'll take some getting use
to. But on my first couple of listenings, the outtakes would've been better
off being used on a rarities disc somewhere down the line. I'll listen to it
all day today and see if I hear it any better. M T C

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