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(TV) Quine web page

Off the top of my head, I would think the following would be interesting:

- Quine News (what's he doing now) with frequent updates from Quine
- Quine discography: Quine writes about things he has played on in
chronological order
- Quine's favorites: Quine talks about his favorite albums by other artists' -
maybe one new album each month
- Ask Quine: Simple question/answer forum (in which Quine chooses what he wants
to answer)
- Quine multimedia: soundclips & photos

As long as it's not as ugly or as misguided as Carol Kaye's site
(carolkaye.com), it'll be fine!


--- Michael Carlucci <michael@recordsnyc.com> wrote:
> BTW, Quine's considering a web page for a variety of reasons. Any thoughts
> on what might be of interest? I think he'll go for the "Ask Quine"
> forum. He loves to share what stories he can. All suggestions are welcome. 

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