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RE: (TV) Verlaine guitar

Actually, the "Kingdom Come" Television used to perform isn't the same as the
"Kingdom Come" that appears on Verlaine's solo debut. Though a few lines from
the original "Kingdom Come" show up elsewhere, like "Red Leaves" (on Verlaine's

But, as Howard said, "Breakin' In My Heart" was a revival of an early
Television song, and both "Last Night" and "Grip of Love" had their roots
(under working titles) during the ADVENTURE sessions. Notice how "Carried Away"
and "Last Night" start with similar first lines? "Grip of Love" even showed up,
with lyrics, in some of the final Television shows c. 1978.

And, as Mike has pointed out, on Verlaine's solo debut, "Last Night" has drums
courtesy of "Tom Thompson" - supposedly a cover for Billy Ficca, whom Verlaine
didn't want to pay for his session work on that single track a year earlier
(during the ADVENTURE sessions). More telling, it's the only track on the TOM
VERLAINE lp to have a production credit from John Jansen, who produced
ADVENTURE (but not TOM VERLAINE). Now, why would he credit Jansen but not
Ficca? Good question, but perhaps there was a better chance Jansen - a producer
who had worked at Bearsville studio, where ADVENTURE and TOM VERLAINE were both
recorded - would have had a better chance of finding out if he weren't properly
credited. Who knows. There really could be a drummer named Tom Thompson.


--- Howard Webb <howard@lasercomp.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Mike's tale is true. I think it was discussed on the list some time ago.
> Several tracks from the first solo album were Television tunes - Grip of 
> Love appears on many Television bootlegs and Breakin in my Heart and 
> Kingdom Come are re-worked Television tunes.

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