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(TV) Bibi Farber and the mysterious Velvert

Bibi Farber will perform this Sunday at 9:30 PM at Sidewalk, on NYC's
sickeningly gentrified Avenue A.  She's also the rhythm guitarist for
Richard Lloyd's band, and just got back from a tour of the south opening for
Pat DiNizio - part of his living room concert series.  And speaking of Lloyd
( I was, just a second ago ), if you've read the interview with him on
Bibi's website, you'll notice he mentions a guy named Velvert, who was a
friend of both Lloyd and Jimi Hendrix.  I got the Samash.com catalogue in
the mail today, and on page 173 there's a Jimi Hendrix - Learn to Play
video, "hosted and taught by Velvert Turner, a student and friend of
Jimi's."  Okay, so it's not the meaning of "Life in the hive puckered up my
nights," but I thought it was interesting.

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