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Re: (TV) life in the hive buggered up my life

For years, I thought the line in Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes" was "God knows
smoking is dumb", not "But no smoking pistol".

There's a whole book of misheard lyrics out there - actually a series - the
first of which is called "Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy".


Although, as I recall, in one of the books in this series they actually list
some correct Bowie lyrics (to "Space Oddity") as being misheard lyrics!


--- SCOTT ALDRICH <scott.aldrich@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> Here's a new thread: My favorite mishearings of words. My mom has a bunch,
> one pertains to Ian Dury's Busman's Prayer as well: "Our father, who art in
> heaven, Harold be His name" is how she heard it when she was a girl. Later
> in life, in then 70's driving me to summer camp, she sang along to Paul
> McCartney, "Man on the rug...the man on the rug...". Still later in the
> early 80's, driving in the car she sang along to Hall & Oates, "O-oh here
> she comes,...she's a band-leader."

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